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Clean & Clear®, Where Skincare is Self-Care

Did you know that Clean & Clear® has been around since the invention of Rock & Roll? Meaning, we’ve got a good 65+ years of skincare experience under our belt, where we’ve helped people feel confident in their own skin for decades.

Woman splashing water on her face to start the day

Start the Day with a No-Fail Morning Skincare Routine for Your Skin Type

Plus, layer skincare products like a pro. We’ll show you how.

Skin Care Basics

The skin is the body’s outer covering and largest organ, with a total area of about 20 square feet. Our skin protects us from the elements, regulates body temperature, and enables us to touch and feel sensations like heat and cold.

Woman drinking water from a water bottle

In the H20 Know: Why Your Skin Benefits from Water

Our best-kept skincare tips to keep your face looking healthy and refreshed.

How to Deeply Clean and Unclog Your Pores

Everything you need to know about cleaning deeply and unclogging pores on your nose.