We’re a brand that listens and we’ve heard your feedback. Our skincare products are specially designed to treat your unique skin needs without stripping it of what keeps it healthy. We’re constantly working to improve skin care through technology, innovation, and new and improved formulas. We understand life can be stressful and it’s hard enough to take care of your skin, let alone your mental health.

That’s why we’ve created accessible skincare that helps you self-care. Our gentle and effective solutions that help provide relief without the sacrifice. Some of our new formulas contain fragrances to delight your senses and uplift your mood. Because we believe when you clear your skin, you clear your mind…

Our Approach on Animal Testing

We believe in a future where cosmetic testing is always animal free.

We don’t conduct animal testing in the research or development of our cleansers, scrubs, treatments, toners, oil absorbing sheets and moisturizers.

Our cosmetic products are formulated safely without animal testing. By choosing appropriate ingredients and applying non-animal research methods, we validate the safety of our cosmetic products without any animal tests.

We continue to work towards a future that eliminates the use of animals in cosmetic testing. Some countries continue to insist they need data from animal testing. We do not agree these tests are necessary and are more passionate than ever about creating a future that doesn’t involve using animals in any cosmetic testing. Alongside our parent company, we support the Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign and call for an end to cosmetic animal testing globally.

Learn more about what our parent company has done for the last 30 years to make this a reality in our labs, with our industry and for the world.

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