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September 14, 2023

The Evolution of Clean & Clear®

Did you know that Clean & Clear® has been around since the invention of Rock & Roll? Meaning, we’ve got a good 65+ years of skincare experience under our belt, where we’ve helped people feel confident in their own skin for decades.

That’s not to make us sound old, but to show you how invested we are in your skin’s health. As an industry leader, we’re playing an active role in the evolution of skincare so that we can continue to take care of you, your generation, and the generations to come.

As the world gets crazier, and distractions are at an all-time high, we recognize the need for simple, effective skincare products that impact more than just your skin’s health, but your mind’s health, too.

With some newly reformulated products, reduced plastic in our hero bottles, and the new addition of Moodscentz® technology, we’re making changes that not only support your wellbeing, but the wellbeing of the planet, too.

*MoodScentz is the property of Givaudan SA and is used under license

The Brand You Love Just Got Better

This busy world isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. As demands and distractions continue to grow, we’re seeing that everyday stress gets reflected on your skin, and we are committed to not only helping your skin look its best, but to helping you feel your best with effective skincare products that won’t break the bank and are designed to delight your senses.

Our updated formulas do more than meets the skin

Between your 9-5, friends sending you TikToks, and your bestie’s latest relationship fiasco, finding a moment to yourself is like looking at a crammed suitcase and remembering you still have to pack your tennis shoes.

In other words, there’s not a lot of room in your day for a 19-step skincare routine.

That’s why we’ve updated some of our products with new gentle and effective formulas that are not just focused on skincare, but also on self-care.

Imagine taking a deep inhale while gently massaging your face with our Morning Burst® Hydrating Foaming Cleanser, its soft fragrance helping you wake up and feel ready to face the day ahead (no pun intended). That’s the power of Moodscentz® technology.

Now inside of classic products like Morning Burst® and Deep Action, you can pair these together with our acne treatments to make breakouts one less stress.

New look, who dis?

Our formulas are not all that’s new. Say hello to the best version of Clean & Clear® yet, where skincare is self-care. We believe in delighting your senses, in giving you that extra ‘ahhh’ feeling that turns your skincare routine into a self-care ritual.

We’re all about creating accessible everyday skincare solutions that are effective, but that also go the extra mile to both alleviate the impact of daily impurities on your skin and uplift your mood.

The new look and feel of our brand was designed to take that a step even further, with fun “Emoodjis” (see what we did there?) and vibrant package designs that are sure to brighten up your bathroom as much as your day.

Speaking of packaging…

We’re Saying Goodbye to Pumps

By that, we don’t mean your favorite pair of heels. We’re talking bottles–did you know that most pumps are not accepted at recycling centers?

When you’ve been around as long as we have, we understand the importance of thinking long-term. To do our part not only for you, but for future generations, we’re making changes to improve sustainability by making our packaging more recyclable.*

  • By ditching pumps and switching to bottle caps, we’ve reduced the annual weight of plastics we use in our Clean & Clear® closures by 57%.*** And, even better news? The switch makes our entire bottle + cap package recyclable.**
  • This small change will remove 7.7MM pumps from landfills per year.***
  • By updating our 8oz cleanser and toner bottles to 50% recycled material and our 4oz moisturizer bottle to 30% recycled material, we saved 101 tonnes of virgin plastic each year, meaning we don’t need to produce all new plastic. ***

You can see that even a couple of changes can make a huge, lasting impact. Here’s to a cleaner, clearer future for us all.

*Includes new 8oz cleanser and toner bottles, 4oz Essentials moisturizer bottle

**Recycling facilities for this product [package] may not exist in your area

***Based on average sales 2020 - 2022

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